Anxiety, Illness Or Just A State Of Mind?

We often regard Anxiety as some serious illness or a kind of disorder that makes a person suffering from it uncomfortable with situations and circumstances encircling it. It leaves the person with a state of mind that gives birth to a number of insecurities with regards to strange faces, maybe friends too and sometimes even with their own family members. It is not appropriate to consider a person suffering from acute anxiety disorders as ‘ill’ or ‘psycho’. We live in a society where different is often termed as ‘unusual’ in a rather negative way. But what we need to understand is that the people suffering from anxiety aren’t any different from us but are only a more sensitive version of what a human race could be.

Understanding the concepts of Anxiety

Every person on this planet can roughly be considered to experience anxiety in its life at some point or the other. It is a natural phenomenon that is present in every one of us in different ratios depending upon the nature of the person and the series of events that take place in its life with the passing of time. When these anxious moments reoccur in one’s life, the person is said to be suffering from an ‘anxiety disorder’.

Anxiety disorder experiences can be really painful for the person suffering from it. Anxiety Disorders can be found in people of all ages and has nothing to do with the physical being of the person but in rather with its mental being. Read More …